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I was driving with the AC on and white smoke came out. Gwynedd Village's historic shop that was bought by community has now reopened as cafe.

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And now, appears to have failed again 10 years later. Give it a minute or two and it will all be burned off with no ill effect. Again ignition, thumb the starter.

Could this be a stuck starter motor or another problem?

If the squealing noise is accompanied by a rise in engine temperature and water loss, the water pump might have failed and needs replacing with a new unit. Are you looking to buy a new car in the next 12 months?

There could be an issue with transmission fluid burning up inside the engine or a fault with the transmission vacuum modulator. The latter issue is probably the simplest thing to change yourself; if that doesn't do the trick, it may be worth having a mechanic look at it. All three areas are squeaking!

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The PCV system appears to be sucking in the oil at these times. Changed the rocker cover gaskets V6 and the problem went away immediately. View Public Profile. We've created a 5 question survey that should take no longer than 3 minutes to complete.

Arrange to have it looked at by a qualified mechanic to prevent further complications and harmful damage to the environment. Minneapolis Survivors of explosion in Cedar-Riverside neighborhood file lawsuit August 9, Ex-campaign worker for Trump sues over unwanted kiss claim. Mareo answered about a month ago.

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If the following steps identify a concern, look through the throttle body opening for a large puddle of standing oil in the bottom of the intake manifold. It may be a leaking brake cylinder or crack somewhere in the brake system.

There should be some resitence as you are now turning the engine over.

I think this vehicle had multiple causes of the smoke. If the car has lost all of its coolant, call your breakdown service provider, or get in touch with your regular Bosch service centre to have the vehicle recovered.

Quote message in reply? Here's a site that troubleshoots exhaust smoke.