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Since the Re-discovery - AD79eruption

The nineteenth and twentieth century were very devastating times in the world not just for North America, but also in Europe politically and economically. The ruins of the city lie near the modern village of Cuma. House of the Gladiators. Internet URLs are the best.

Pompeii: Its Discovery and Preservation

House of the Beautiful Courtyard. Jan 24, See Article History. Samnite House. His models record not only these individuals' deaths, but also the context in which the original casts were fashioned by Fiorelli and later archaeologists.

Villa Imperiale. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. Where other archaeologists would attempt to dig out streets and uncover adjoining buildings from the bottom upwards, Fiorelli would work at all times from the surface downwards, carefully removing the covering layers of soil and volcanic materials, which took longer but, he felt, reduced the risk of damaging precious artefacts as they were uncovered.

Caecilius Jucundus. The archaeological site of Pompeii spreads over 66 hectares, 49 of which have already been excavated. They would be made of high-density foam, reinforced with steel rods at their core. House of the Large Fountain.

Changing methods of 19th and 20th century archaeologists

After the spoliation, buildings such as Villa di Cicerone and Villa di Giulia Felice were back-filled, although many famous scholars, among them Johann Winckelmann, demonstrated strongly against this, as they had against the previous destruction. He also introduced a Journal of the Excavations at Pompeii. Special Introductory Offer! House of the Tragic Poet.

In Pompeii all is original: Post a Comment. The discoveries aroused great interest, and emotion, among Enlightenment circles - and offered many new subjects for cultural debate.

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Large areas were uncovered to the south of the Via dell'Abbondanza , in Regions I and II, and the debris piled outside the city walls was cleared away. House of the Bear. The 'Forum', when it is crowded with people, also still reflects an image of previous times - perhaps the times of various elections, when different factions confronted each other in the square or under the large portico.

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Temple of Venus. The disaster remained in people's minds for many years but was eventually forgotten, until the exploration of the ancient site started in an area called 'Civita', in House of the Ara Maxima.

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