Sharp Back Pain: What to Know

See a picture of areas where symptoms may be felt.

Middle back pain

Your provider will try to determine the cause of your back pain and whether it is likely to quickly get better with simple measures such as ice, mild painkillers, physical therapy, and proper exercises. But there is little evidence showing that these shots can help control back pain. Nonsurgical interventional treatment. A dull, burning, or sharp pain. The pain may be caused by muscle spasms or a strain or tear in the muscles and ligaments.

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And there are many, many things that can cause it. Upper Back Pain Causes. Nurse practitioners. Symptoms can also include numbness or pins and needles when nerve irritation or compression is involved. This list is just to give you a general idea about potential causes of sharp low back pain.

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Upper and Middle Back Pain

Health Topics A-Z Read more. Exercise is important for preventing back pain. Supporting the back can help. You may have one or more tests, such as:. May 12 Work with your doctor to find what is best for you.

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Mosby Elsevier. Do not perform activities that involve heavy lifting or twisting of your back for the first 6 weeks after the pain begins. Mercier LR This is not a sensitive or specific phenomenon and can therefore not be relied upon in isolation.

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