Abuse and Neglect Claims: Your Rights and DCF

DSS, Custody & Your Children

What is a Service Plan The protection of children has become a very important issue today. In South Carolina, when a child is born out-of-wedlock, the biological father has no legal rights or connection to the child until he establishes legal paternity. Floyd Tune. A VERY important thing to remember is the fact that the case worker will want you to sign a "safety plan".

In some courts the 2 forms come together. Read to learn more about how children benefit when a biological father establishes paternity.

You are excused from cooperating with child support requirements while your good cause claim is being decided. Do not sign anything that you do not understand. Continuances beyond ninety 90 days shall only be granted in extraordinary circumstances for the proper administration of justice. The court must hold another nonsecure hearing within this time period. Spending regular, quality time with your child is an important part of being a responsible father.

Phone Number. I highly recommend Minick Law to anyone in need of legal consultation. Last Review Date: There need not be any actual abuse or neglect, just information leading DCF to suspect that a child is at risk.

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David H. Permanency Planning Within 12 months of your child being removed from your home, the court will have a permanency hearing. You can request an opportunity to have these items reviewed by an attorney before you sign. NYServes Upstate is ready to link military personnel and their families to providers in their area to receive services including: Let's go! Prepare for the fight of your life. DSS has an obligation from the initial contact with you to work towards reunification with you and the child.

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It's great to have a true professional on your side when you need it!! The court has the forms or find them on www. The court can change the visitation plan if things in your life change.