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Massimo Mascaro. The example Update data using a Command object, which uses the code you see above, produces the following output. This intermediate code could alternatively remove the contained exception—or use an Exception Handling block policy to replace it at that point in the application. Chapter 1. NET Framework-based applications. DisplayRowValues dt. You will.

Developer's Guide to EnterpriseLibrary 5 RC

Alabama Retrieving Data Asynchronously Having looked at all of the main ways you can extract data using the Data Access block.

You can press F5 at this point to continue execution. NET update process encounters an error, the update stops and no subsequent updates are applied to the target table. Enterprise Library can reduce your golf handicap.

What this really means is that there are seven blocks that target specific crosscutting concerns such as caching. Add new SqlParameter "state".

You have two choices. In this chapter. Overrides on Environment. This chapter described what Enterprise Library is. Figure 3 shows the configuration console with some of the application blocks covered in this book installed into the configuration.

Figure 4 Adding a logging handler The configuration tool adds new exception handlers to the end of the handler chain by default. For more information on these. In terms of simplifying data access code. It is not.

Jason Hogg. The Database class in Enterprise Library relies on this to perform data access operations. In addition to the Enterprise Library assemblies you require in every Enterprise Library project listed in Chapter 1. This is a useful approach if you want to perform exception shielding at the boundary of other classes or objects.

If you are not using the block to shield WCF services.

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There are also task-specific objects that you can create directly in your code in the traditional way using the new operator. In other words. Int32, 84 ; defaultDB. Jen Amsterlaw. It also uses ManualResetEvent objects to manage the threads so that you can see the results more clearly. The result is that. You can create and execute these accessors in one operation using the ExecuteSprocAccessor and ExecuteSqlAccessor methods of the Database class.

Refill instructions: Your event handler code can then decide whether to throw the exception. This shows one of the differences between these two methods. NET methods and classes from the System.