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Kirkman said he preferred the show's version of Shane and that the differences between the two versions of the character illustrate the ability to explore and evolve elements from the comic book in different ways on the show. A herd of more than thirty walkers approached their location, forcing everyone to hide under the cars as the herd passes by. Time, Inc. Rick then confides in Shane that when he first figured out about Shane's affair with Lori that he was extremely angry with Shane and wanted to break Shane's jaw and let him "Choke on his teeth".

He killed Randall to get me in the woods. King County. Despite Carol's strained relationship with Shane, she appears shocked to learn that it was in fact Rick that killed him and this likely further increases her disdain of Rick's leadership. Shelter Survivors.

Shane and Rick drag Randall to the pavement. While reuniting at the camp, the group hear screams coming from the field, everybody runs to investigate what it is. Merle Dixon " Why would you risk your life for a douchebag like Merle Dixon? He pulls up to a public works station surrounded by a fence. After Dale? As Rick tries to cope with what just happened, Carl appears, shocked to see Shane dead. You are posting comments too quickly. He shot at you Rick!

At Otis's funeral, Patricia cried while she begged Shane to tell her how her husband died. As the temporary leader of their group, Amy respects Shane and his leadership. Sign in to complete account merge. While Rick talks to his son, Shane approaches Randall in the shed.

He lives on a farm in upstate New York, and he had flown down and surprised me to be there for my last scene, which just touched me. In " After ", Carl, angry with his father, taunts him by pointing out that Shane taught him how to tie the knot they were using to keep walkers out of the house and questions if he remembers him.

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Rick drives past the mile mark, looking to leave Randall somewhere he'll have a chance. Sorry, comments are currently closed. When Hershel arrives, he reports that Dale can't be saved. They created a distraction to retrieve supplies from a nearby trailer, but are discovered by the walkers as they exit, and were forced to seek refuge inside the high school as walkers storm their location. Kirkman believes much of Shane's actions stem from fear and that he is not as prepared for the post-zombie world as he claims.

Shane storms out of the barn.